Having a sore back is no picnic. Whether you’re getting ready to run a marathon or simply get up off of your sofa, back pain can put a serious damper on your daily routine.  

Given the complex and interconnected nature of the human spine, there are countless ways to incur back pain. Bad posture, lifting a heavy object incorrectly, twisting your body in an awkward manner—all of these can lead to a sore back for you.  

Facet joints, spinal nerves, segmental muscles and intervertebral discs are among the many back components that can lead to dorsal pain if tweaked or injured in any way. Likewise, several types of back pain exist—some more severe than others.  

Being able to recognize the type of back pain you’re experiencing can be helpful in finding the root of the issue as well as aid in determining a potential treatment. Here are some examples of the types of back pain you might encounter:  

Referred pain. Typically dull in nature, referred pain often changes location and can also vary in intensity. If you’re experiencing lower back pain due to a degenerative disc, for example, you can sometimes feel referred pain in your hips and the back of your thighs. 

Radicular pain. This pain is more pronounced and shock-like in nature as it follows the path of your spinal nerve along the spinal canal. Typically caused by inflammation or compression of a nerve root, radicular pain can sometimes affect your legs as well.  

 Axial pain. This type of pain is typically limited to a single area on your back. It can be dull or sharp in nature and also inconsistent in terms of its duration and level of intensity. Muscle strains are the most common cause of axial back pain, with disc or joint tears also being potential reasons for it. 

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