Weight Loss

A Holistic Weight Loss Approach

We’ll always be known for our amazing body and facial treatments but we also believe in a holistic approach to looking good and feeling great! Our newest treatments are like the whipped cream on top of a sundae! If you are ready to lose some of that stubborn fat or get rid of wrinkles, we have several new programs to help you look and feel your best, including:

  • Homeopathic Weight Loss
  • Nutrition/health management services
  • Nourish IV Infusion
  • Vitamin/Mineral boosters
  • Cryoskin 

Other holistic beauty treatments we offer include: 

  • Beauty and immunity IVs
  • Jet Lag IV to rehydrate your body
  • Other IM injections (Tri-Immune Boost and NAD)
  • Whole body fine line and wrinkle reduction

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Wellness Goals

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Health and Wellness

US Wellness Collective is excited to have our first RN joining the team, which is giving us the ability to offer a wider range of  treatments! We are now offering customized weight loss and nutrition/health programs designed with YOU in mind, book a consultation to learn more about our customized weight loss options, and to see which option may be best for you and your long term goals.  With additional support in mind we are now offering variety of IV infusion treatments and Lipo Lean as well as a variety of other medical beauty, health and wellness treatments.  Results can vary between individuals 


Nourish  IV Infusion 

This amazing treatment is designed to help kickstart your metabolism to help you feel more energized! It consists of premium-quality compounds believed to help burn fat, boost metabolism and provide the nutrients needed for optimal wellness and improved performance!


Lipo Lean Injection

This supplement is used to help reduce excessive fats from specific areas of the body and  has been shown to be of benefit in the removal of fats from the liver. Each of the individual components has a lipotropic effect, which is believed to work synergistically in getting rid of body fat! 



Cryoskin is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that has changed the way we look at weight loss and plastic surgery! Cryoskin treatments use sub-zero temperatures to destroy fat cells and increase blood flow, resulting in weight loss and skin toning. Visit our Cryoskin page to learn more about all of our Cryoksin treatments! Results can vary between individuals 


The Power of Zyto

Zyto is an FDA approved biometric system. The technology measures the body’s energetic responses to help determine the best wellness options for each unique individual! Zyto weight loss services include:

  • Body composition
  • Weight management
  • Detoxification support and specialized detox protocols
  • Digestive health
  • Hormone and endocrine support
  • Immune support
  • Mental and emotional support (stress has been shown to increase body weight!)
  • Metabolic health support
  • Pain management and musculoskeletal support
  • Series symptom relief


Combined with the education of a Master’s degree in nursing, we have created a powerful approach to weight loss, nutrition/health management and beauty that are a homeopathic alternative to other health care options.  Results can vary between individuals  treatments are for aesthetic purposes only.


It’s Time To Live Your Best Life!