7 Steps to Take Before Bed for Healthier, More Youthful Skin

Great skin takes a little work. Last month we took a look at the best morning skincare routine and this month, we are taking a look at the best nighttime skincare routine to help you have the best skin! Your skin needs different things throughout the day. In the morning you should protect your skin from the damage it receives all day long and at night, it’s time to pamper it after everything it went through!


Here are the steps you should take at night for glowing, healthy skin.


1 | Cleanse

Taking the day off by cleansing should always be your first step. We recommend a cleanser that will help take off your makeup, like a cleansing oil. If you want to go the extra mile, try “double cleansing” by using a water-based face wash after the oil cleanser to clean away any dirt and oil out of your pores. 


2 | Tone

This step is the same as the morning routine and also optional. Toner can help balance your skin’s pH. If you have acne-prone skin, make sure to choose a toner that is specifically formulated for acne. If you have dry or sensitive skin, opt for a hydrating toner. Apply your toner the same as you did in the morning. 


3 | Serums and Treatments

Next apply any serums and treatments. A great one to use at night is an alpha hydroxy acid to help brighten the skin and slough off dead skin cells. It also helps to build your collagen for more youthful-looking, radiant skin. Nighttime is also the best time to apply retinol. Retinol is a form of vitamin A that helps decrease visible wrinkles, bright spots and pore size. You can start using retinol in your early 20s; however, the most important age to use it is in your 40s and 50s. If you are treating hyperpigmentation, alternate between a retinoid and the spot-fading active ingredient hydroquinone.


4 | Eye Cream

The delicate skin around our eyes needs special attention. Before you get to the eye cream, nighttime is also a good time to start training that delicate skin to handle more active ingredients, like retinol. Pat a small bit of your serum or treatment around your eye area then follow up with your favorite eye cream for an extra dose of moisture to that area. 


5 | Acne Spot Treatment

If you have a pimple that you’d like to see disappear sooner rather than later, nighttime is the perfect time to spot treat acne. Use a spot treatment to help them clear out. But remember, it’s better to be preventative in your skincare routine. Keeping up with regular cleansing can help you avoid breakouts. 


6 | Moisturize

The next-to-final step is to moisturize to seal in active ingredients and hydration. This will help you wake up with glowing, plump skin. Night creams can be a little heavier than day creams, providing an extra dose of moisture. Just be sure to choose one that is right for your skincare needs.


7 | Face Oil

Finally, put a double lock on that moisture with a face oil. Face oils are great for everyone, including those with oily or acne-prone skin. These oils can help hydrate and soften the skin, helping stave off dryness and the overproduction of natural oils that cause pimples. A face oil is also great if you are using a retinol, which can be drying. 


Work with A Skincare Expert

At US Wellness Collective, we understand that everyone has unique skin care needs. We are here to help you find the right products and routines for you with our skincare consultation. We offer expert advice as well as great products to help you meet your skincare goals. We also offer specialized services including our Face Reality Acne Lab that can help you get stubborn acne under control. We also recommend getting one of our facials monthly to help reap the benefits of monthly natural skin renewal. 


To get started on your best skin yet, book your skincare consultation or facial today