Men Deserve Healthy, Good Looking Skin Too! 

Good skincare isn’t just for the ladies! Many men also want younger looking, healthier skin. If this sounds like what you are seeking, now is a good time to re-evaluate your skincare routine!


A Key Difference

Men have more testosterone than women and that plays a part in how their skin is different. On average, men’s skin is thicker than women’s, about 20 to 25 percent thicker to be exact. Male skin is known for a tougher texture but it also contains more collagen, which gives a tighter, firmer appearance. However, collagen reduces at a constant rate over a man’s lifetime, where in females it mainly happens after menopause. This means that the effects of collagen reduction in men are less pronounced as it is spread over a longer period of time.


Men also have to deal with facial hair and the irritation daily shaving has on their skin. Also, men produce double the amount of sebum, which causes oiliness, and have more and larger pores. More sebum plus more and larger pores can lead to skin that is more prone to acne. 


Now that we’ve looked at some key differences that affect skincare for men, let’s take a look at a regimen that can solve the skin issues more common in men and help you achieve more youthful and healthier skin.


Hot Water is Drying

When you wash your face or hop in the shower, warm water is best. This is because hot water strips away your natural oils and leaves your skin dry, itchy, scaly and flaky. So while men produce more sebum, you don’t want to leave your skin dry by stripping all of the oil away.


Use Moisturizer

Moisturizer traps water close to your skin. This extra moisture reduces wrinkles and can ease the effects of dry skin. Be sure to find the right type of moisturizer for your skin type. Working with an esthetician or dermatologist, you’ll be able to find the right moisturizer for your skin’s needs.


Skip the Soap

Sudsing up isn’t that great for your skin. So skip the soap and trade it for a cleanser. Soap actually removes too much oil from your skin, depriving it of its natural moisture barrier. This can leave your skin dry and itchy. A bonus is that cleanser gives you the right amount of cleanness and doesn’t leave soap scum on your skin, sink or tub! When cleansing, remember to go easy on the scrubbing! Gentle scrubbing with your fingers is best. Again, work with an esthetician or dermatologist to find the right cleanser for your skin’s needs. 


Avoiding Razor Burn

You can combat razor burn by softening your stubble. One trick to softening that 5 o’clock shadow is to shave right after you step out of the shower. Also, be sure to use shaving cream, which cuts down on friction against your skin. Avoid shaving creams with alcohol and instead look for those with oils, glycerin, sorbitol and urea on the ingredients list. Also, skip the aftershave unless you use a straight razor that can nick you and lead to infection. 


Pat, Don’t Rub!

When you dry your face and body, pat your skin, don’t rub! Rubbing can irritate your skin and leave you dried out. Rubbing also pulls on the skin, which can lead to heavier and earlier wrinkling. 


Wear Sunscreen

Many men just haven’t caught up to women on sun savviness. It’s important that you wear sunscreen every day to avoid wrinkles, or worse, skin cancer. Many daily moisturizers have sunscreen in them already, but if you are out in the sun for long periods, it’s a good idea to reapply with basic sunscreen throughout the day. Check the bottle for when you need to reapply. If your moisturizer doesn’t have sunscreen in it already, put on some regular sunscreen before applying moisturizer. 


Avoid Scented Products

Fragrance in skincare products is unnecessary and can actually lead to developing an allergy. So skip the moisturizer, shaving cream and sunscreen with the manly scent and choose something fragrance-free for less irritated skin.  


Get a Facial

Skin cells renew every 28 days. We recommend getting a monthly facial to help remove dead skin cell buildup that can lead to clogged pores that cause acne. Facials can also give you needed moisture or address specific skin issues, such as flakiness or patchiness. 


Treat Yourself Today!

At the US Wellness Collective, we believe in looking good and feeling good! Having great skin not only helps you feel more confident, but it’s also more comfortable to live in. Our experts are ready to help you find the best skincare products for you or deliver you a customized facial to meet your skincare needs and goals. Our services treat your mind, body and soul! Contact us to book your appointment today!